Bill 29 – Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act

Bill 29, the Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act, became law in 2018 and all health professionals will be asked to vote on which union they want to represent them (to decrease the number of bargaining units for health care employees from 190 to 36). A commissioner has been assigned to make this into action ( ) and the website indicates that the voting process will allow unionized employees in each new bargaining unit to determine which union will represent all of the employees in that new bargaining unit in the future. Voting is to occur between August 8-22, 2019. Voting will occur via telephone or online.

Listed below are the websites each of the unions is striving to keep updated to share information:





MSOT has gathered the relevant information you might need to make an informed choice.

According to the Commissioner’s website it is anticipated that there will be two sets of votes:

Phase 1:

  • Interlake-Eastern Health Region Employers Organization

  • Prairie Mountain Health Region Employers Organization

  • Southern Health Region Employers Organization

  • Northern Regional Health Authority Employers Organization

Phase 2:

  • Winnipeg-Churchill Health Region Employers Organization

  • Shared Health Employers Organization

For a summary of each of the unions, follow the link – Bill 29 – Union Summaries