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MSOT Private Practice Business Network

The MSOT Private Practice Business Network (PPBN) provides an opportunity for members of the Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists (MSOT) who have an interest in independent occupational therapy practice to exchange information, to provide and receive support, network, and enhance clinical and business practices related to working in private practice.  The Objectives of the PPBN are: 

1.0 To provide members of the Private Practice Business Network with a learning opportunity on a topic of interest through a twice annual learning event related to clinical or business practices in private practice.  These meetings also provide the opportunity to discuss issues and exchange information of mutual concern.

2.0 To provide participants with an e-mail distribution mechanism for relevant information.

3.0 To provide participants with the opportunity to voice the private practice perspective on matters of concern and interest to MSOT.  The Private Practice Business Network does not act to represent the Private Practice Occupational Therapy community in Manitoba, whereas MSOT is the voice of Occupational Therapists in the province of Manitoba and can support advocacy efforts.

You can find the Terms of Reference and more details HERE.  If you are interested in joining the MSOT Private Practice Business Network please email the MSOT Office.

Checklist for PPBN Facilitators

Here is how MSOT can assist YOU in Private Practice

MSOT has developed a guide to assist MSOT members exploring independent practice.  This 2012 document has been developed with the significant efforts of two subsequent pairs of students in the Master of OT program at the University of Manitoba as part of their Independent Study.  Minor amendments, at the request of the Private Practice Group, were made in 2016.

To obtain your FREE copy as an MSOT member, please contact the office at

The Manitoba Ombudsman oversees compliance with The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) which requires that those in independent practice have written privacy policies regardless of the size of practice.

To support the MSOT members in independent practice to meet this PHIA and COTM requirement, MSOT hired a consultant to develop ten policies and a number of forms.

The “Privacy Kit” is available to MSOT members at a cost of $300. 00. For more information, contact

The MSOT Private Practice Directory provides information to the public and others about MSOT member’s independent practices.

Private Practice Directory Memberships (and listings in the Directory) must be MSOT members and must be the owner/operator of an occupational therapy private practice as per the Private Practice Directory Terms of Reference. Find the Terms of reference HERE

The cost of being listed in MSOT private practice directory is $110.00 per year and is purchased as a Private Practice Membership. All the information included on the purchase about your organization will be included in the public directory.

Add your listing NOW to the private practice directory.

The aim of the spring and fall symposiums is to focus on a topic of significant practice or business interest to Private Practice Business Network members. Other items of interest are included in a brief business meeting portion of the afternoon.

There is no cost associated with participating in the symposium. In most cases symposium coordinators seek speakers who are willing to provide information without charge.  Participants simply pay for lunch (if in-person) which is arranged in order to have a venue that is secured at no cost.

Past topics have included:

  • “Understanding how to keep more money in your business;”
  • “Complaint Proofing your Practice;”
  • “Privacy and Confidentiality – Understanding PHIA;”
  • “Standards of OT Assessments;” and
  • “Clarifying GST . . . sorting out the confusion.”

Next MSOT Symposium

Date:   Spring 2022

MSOT has created additional resources for Manitoba Occupational Therapists exploring private practice.

Summary of MSOT supports for private practice OTs can be found HERE.

HERE are some ADDITIONAL resources to support your exploration of private practice.

MSOT has a number of reference materials available to members (primarily from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists) in MSOT’s lending library.  Included in these resources is: Business in Clinical Practice: How to Get There from Here by Hopkins-Rosseel and Roulston. Published by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Insurance Lobby

The MSOT OT & the Workplace Committee developed templates of letters for your clients to send to their health insurance companies to lobby for improved benefits.  They are available to MSOT members in the Member’s Portal area. These letters complement the campaign CAOT launched which looks to employers and insurance providers to modify extended health benefits or flex health benefit plans to include coverage for critical occupational therapy services provided to clients by occupational therapists.  To support this, CAOT has created an Ask for it!” tool kit.