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MSOT’s 2021-2022 Private Practice Directory (PPD) is a list of MSOT members in independent practice.

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    MSOT maintains current directories of occupational therapist private practice providers upon their request. By making this information available, MSOT does not assume responsibility for or endorse the OT provider.

    Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health profession that empowers people of all ages to overcome challenges in their everyday lives so they can do more and live better.

    Understanding OT Brochure available here: 

    Understanding OT      

    Understanding OT (B&W)

    Occupational therapy is often provided through the hospital system or other government-funded health agencies. If your primary provider does not suggest a referral to occupational therapy services when you feel you or your loved one may benefit from one, ask for it.

    You may also have occupational therapy coverage through your private health insurance. If you are not covered by any health insurance, you can still hire an occupational therapist on a fee-for-service basis (costs vary according to the OT service and provider – check with your OT provider)

    A word about occupational therapy and private health insurance plans:

    As occupational therapy becomes increasingly valued by health care consumers, many Canadians are disappointed to find that that their extended health insurance plans provide limited coverage for occupational therapy services. In order to encourage the coverage for these services, consumers need to contact their extended health insurers. Below are two letters that may be used to begin these conversations.

    These letters are intended as templates and may be changed with specific needs and requirements. One letter requests occupational therapy to be included as an insured benefit, and the other requests improved coverage to existing occupational therapy benefits. The addresses for various extended health insurers are included for your information.

    Letters for download:

    MSOT would like to hear about your efforts and successes regarding coverage for occupational therapy services through private health insurance. Please contact us at .